Lost in the yogurt

Shopping last week with my daughter (and grandchildren) in Chicago.  Looking for Greek-style yogurt amid untold linear feet of refrigerator case wallpapered with little colorful cups of regular yogurt.  Suddenly she pointed to the upper left-hand corner of the case.  “That’s the yogurt I want,” she said.

I looked, and it was like one of those trick lenses that blur everything except the center of the viewing field, to make the selection stand out.  About two linear feet of Siggi’s “Icelandic style skyr” strained non-fat yogurt.  White cardboard sleeve with just a few words of understated lettering and a single beautiful graphic of a fruit, a flower, or a milk can (the plain variety).  Against the competitor’s sea of color, this island of elegance stood out like Bach’s Prelude in C Major against a background of elevator music.

Their website looks pretty much the same.  Click to it – I defy you not to look up Siggi’s story while you’re there.

When everybody’s jumping up and down, the person who stands still gets the attention.  When everyone else is verbose, conciseness gets its point across best.  Isn’t that the idea in marketing?

Are you acting hyperactive to attract customers?  Maybe you should have a Siggi’s and try to calm down.

Mike Baum
Sophia Consulting LLC


About mhbaumk12

Mike Baum has 40 years of experience with all types of direct marketing, has run several companies, spent 25 years as a consultant in franchising and in K-12 education, and currently helps companies find solutions to growth challenges.
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